the needs of different industries

shape design, manual / automatic (no manual mode, you can automatically scan and upload the data) to select scan mode according to user needs, simple operation settings to meet the needs of different industries use to make up the process of using a wired scanner the inconvenience caused to you. 6 high-speed decoder capable of decoding speed, high reading accuracy, wide range (read 4mil-43mil density scan barcodes, adjustable according to customer requirements to 3mil, bar width

  • Connects to Paper by FiftyThree, Microsoft OneNote, Procreate, Sketchbook Mobile, Note shelf, and others.
  • Surface Pressure: Pencil’s unique tip is shaped to create lines of all sizes without any settings.
  • Erase: Pencil’s builtin eraser lets you try anything knowing an eraser is only a flip away.
  • Blend: Use your finger to smooth rough edges and blend colors directly on the page.
  • Palm Rejection: Rest your hand on the screen and write from any angle. No calibration or setup.
  • What’s included: Pencil, USB rechargeable battery, Extra Tip, Extra Eraser
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