handy shooting accessory features

This Bresser 800 yard Rangefinder features multi coated optics with 4x magnification, an eight-degree view angle and a readout in yards or meters. This rangefinder also comes with a nylon carry case and lens cloth
adds a digital twist to its compound design with the inclusion of a USB eyepiece that connects directly to a computer to allow for easy viewing, sharing and image capturing. This model also has two wide field eyepieces, a Barlow lens, LED illumination and full accessories

almost as beautiful as it is useful. The Exact Slice system makes quick and easy work of foods from soft to hard. You won’t have a hard time putting this accessory to daily use, and you’ll marvel at the wonders that come out of your kitchen Ontario, a branch office in Orlando, Florida, and warehouse locations in Batavia, New York and in Rochester, Kent in the United Kingdom

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